Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Which We Decide, as a Couple, to be A-Holes

A certain family member is getting married this Memorial Day weekend. My husband is in the wedding, I am just a guest at this wedding. My husband is only an usher in this wedding, so not a job that requires a lot of training- he's been an usher before, he knows how to ushe. So, anyways, this wedding is turning from a Wedding Day into a a Long Weekend Wedding Event. Husband is not happy about this. As a result, in a moment of rebellion, we have purchased sports tickets for the Friday before the wedding. This is rumored to be the night of the bachelor party. A party that my husband has no interest in attending (because this party most certainly will not feature breasts that aren't mine or excessive drinking, instead this is to be a night of cosmic bowling, video games and pitchers of cheap beer split 6 ways). The bride, as this is HER WEDDING, is rumored to be furious that we are not attending all events of this weekend. But truthfully, I don't care.