Friday, May 13, 2016

So, Back to Weight Watchers

I've been really crappy lately at eating and maintaining my hard fought weight loss of a few years back. So, today I bit the bullet and re-signed up for Weight Watchers (it was $104 for 3 months, a good deal, and probably just long enough to get me back on track). For accountability purposes, I'll try to remember to post my weekly results here, be they good or bad. These pants are uncomfortably tight and I'm not happy.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Breaking Up With A Forum

On Sunday, I broke up with my favorite message board forum. I'd been a member for years, and a mod for two years. I'll admit, I wasn't a great mod. Especially after we migrated to a new system. I never really felt it was easy to use, I was confused by it, and generally disliked it. I was spending too much time in this place, and not enough time in my real life. But what really broke my back was how negative the board had become. It's one thing to snark, it's another to just be flat out mean, and that's the direction the board was heading. So, good luck Freejinger, but I'm out.