Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Turtles in Love

We took the kids to the Zoo this weekend. One where you can feed the giraffes. Avery was terrified of them, and the baby llama in the petting zoo. The giraffe I guess I can understand- it's head was as big as she was. But the baby llama? It's too fricking cute to be afraid of. It doesn't run, it BOUNCES, I kid you not.

Also, we must have been there during prime Tortoise mating season, because the tortoises were getting it on all over the Zoo. And, let me tell you, tortoises are loud and grunty lovers. It brought about all sorts of fun questions like "How come that turtle is taking a ride on the other ones back?" And "Is the Mommy turtle giving her baby a piggy back ride?" I seriously should have videoed it. 

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