Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bring Back The Words- Where Have You Lived?

From Ginger's Bring Back the Words- Right here!

Prompt 2:
A getting to know you list–share all the places you’ve lived (and if you want to, how you got there, and why you left). Bonus points for expanding on whether you plan to stay where you are now, or if you have a dream location you still want to get to.

Aug 1978-June 1999- Weymouth, MA. A quaint town of 50K+, with one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the area. I grew up there, on a suburban almost farm (we had chickens and horses). It was a nice place to grow up. I had lots of friends, tons of family around. I met my husband during our senior year of high school, in November 1995. 

Sept 1996-June 1999- Amherst, MA. Does college count? Because I went to UMass Amherst. Got a degree in accounting. Continued to date husband long distance (he went to Johnson & Wales in RI). It was fun. I coasted through college. It was easy. Especially because I did not want to be a CPA.

June 1999-July 2001- Providence RI. Did an internship at a company in Rhode Island. Husband had quit college after his associates degree, and had an apartment. I moved in with him. He supported me the last year of college, while I commuted from Providence to RI twice a week for my classes (100 miles each way, door to door), I continued to work part time for the company that I had done my internship with. They would hire me at graduation for a full time staff accounting position. Husband and I got engaged in January 2000, and married in October 2000. The years in Rhode Island were really fun. We had a lot of disposable income, and very few expenses. Husband knew a bunch of chefs in the area, so we were always going out to eat, and meeting with people for drinks. Providence is small, and our area of the city, Federal Hill, was even smaller. We walked everywhere. We vacationed a lot. But knew that we didn't want to buy a house in Rhode Island, so we were looking to relocate somewhere. In June and July 2001 I took a bunch of job interviews. Took a new job, and relocated.

July 2001- Present- Phoenix, AZ. We moved because I got sucked into a too good to be true job offer, in the then booming mortgage industry. Of course, it was a failure. But, by the time that company failed, we had purchased a house, and I was pregnant. And, the husband had started working for the Sheraton company in a venue that was starting to generate a lot of press. So, we hung on. Then, got pregnant for a second time. Sold the first house, bought the second house. Then, got pregnant for a third time. Husband now works for a very large food service company providing food services for an even bigger technology company. I manage a landscape company. The kids are all in school. We're stuck in the desert, and I hate it. We are holding out hope that husband's company transfers him anywhere but here (and New Mexico. I'm not moving to New Mexico).  


  1. Northeast to Arizona is quite a difference! (I lived in Tucson for 7 years & then moved to New York for a few years, so I know there's quite a culture difference!)

  2. I've lived in Texas all my life. Traveled a bunch, but never lived anywhere else.