Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Halfway to Healthy

I've blogged a few times about trying to lose weight. But, as of Monday, I am officially halfway to my healthy weight (well, heaviest "healthy weight") of 145 lbs. In the past six months, I've lost 33 pounds. That's a fricking toddler! But, I have 33 more to go, and I expect those 33 pounds will be harder to lose. I'm doing Weight Watchers. Because I need someone to hold me accountable. I've gone from squishing myself into size 16 jeans into comfortably wearing size 12 jeans. My size 16's won't even stay on at this point, and that makes me feel amazing. I do wear a pair of 14's, but I need a belt to keep those up, and I only wear those because I'm not shopping for any clothes beyond what I really need.  Speaking of which, I don't have ANY shorts for this summer. Last summer I didn't wear shorts, preferring skirts that let me hide the fact that my legs looked like sausages.

I'll see my extended family for the first time in a year, at a wedding at the end of May. While part of me wants them to notice my weight loss, another part of me HATES the idea that I'll be looked at. That's a whole other can of psychological issue that I need to deal with, and does come into play- fat girls don't get looked at. Fat girls can hide.


  1. Congratulations! Half way there is awesome! Last summer, after I had my twins and went gluten and dairy free I bought size 18 jeans for the first time in years. Still a big number, but I was so proud!

  2. Congratulations! That is awesome! Your family will notice your loss, and hopefully it makes you feel more confident and not self-conscious about them looking at you. Hold your head high; a 33 pound loss is nothing to be ashamed of!

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