Friday, February 28, 2014

Bill Gothard & The Duggars

I don't often post about serious topics or religious issues. But, I have a not so secret loathing of the Duggar Family. Yes, those Duggars. The squeaky clean, modest midwestern family with 19 kids. I think the Duggars aren't an awesome example of family values, rather an insidious marketing ploy for a damaging religious cult. The Duggars have close ties to Bill Gothard. Bill Gothard runs the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBPL) and Advanced Training Institute (ATI). When the Duggars are shown going to the meeting in Big Sandy, Texas, the are actually at the ATI annual meeting.  Bill Gothard has appeared on the Duggars show in the past.

Bill Gothard has never been married and has no children, yet is held up as an expert who freely gives advice to families. Bill Gothard is anti-dating, preferring to use "courtship." He believes that fathers should hold authority over their daughters, and even have the right to deny an adult daughter the right to "court" freely. Bill Gothard believes that music, especially rock music (even Christian Rock) is dangerous (sounds familiar huh? The Duggars have said that before). Bill Gothard does not believe that women should work outside the home, as it might cause conflict where the woman is under the authority of a man who is not her husband or father. All in all, Bill Gothard is a big steaming heap of horseshit, and should never be trusted further than you can throw him. AND it looks like this is becoming public knowledge. The IBPL has placed Bill Gothard on leave, while sexual harassment charges against him are being investigated. Just how much of Bill Gothard's sketchy personal life were the Duggars aware of? Will they see this fall from grace as an opportunity to expand their world view? Bill Gothard is legalistic and spiritually abusive, and the world needs to know.

Other bloggers and news outlets have much more knowledge into the Bill Gothard scandal than I do.
Please read: A Quiver Full of Information, World Magazine's Coverage,


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