Thursday, February 13, 2014

So, Valentine's Day (AKA Be Nice to Your Waiter)

I'm married to a chef. You know what they call Valentine's Day in the restaurant business? Amateur Hour. You know why? Because everyone who doesn't go out to dinner the other 354 days a year decides to go out on this one night of the year AND they have high expectations. So, if you are one of those people who goes out on Valentine's and expects it to be The.Best.Night.EVER, it won't be. You want good service, and good food, pick any other day of the year (well, maybe not Christmas, Thanksgiving or another holiday, but Arbor Day might be fun) to go out. Not only will there be less people, you'll get better service. If you do insist on going out, be nice to your server and don't blame the kitchen. Blame everyone sitting around you (and yourself, just a little bit).

This brings us to Valentine's Day in our house. Well, we don't do anything. That's not true. We exchange cards. But, that's it. We do not go out on Valentine's Day. Even now, since my husband has moved from restaurants to corporate kitchens, we don't go out.

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