Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Wonderland Tag

From Laura, at The Diniwilks

Here's the Winter Wonderland Tag Blog, the blog craze that's sweeping the nation, except, well, it's not really-

1. What do you like best about winter?
I live in Arizona, so Winter isn't as impressive as it is in other parts of the country. I like that there's less kids activities on the weekend that we have to rush to. I like that I can declare a lazy Sunday, and no one has to do anything except occasionally go into the kitchen to nosh. Before kids, and before Arizona, Winter Sundays were an excuse to stay on the couch all day, watching football, and then going out for an early bird special dinner. 

2.  Scarves or beanies?
Scarves for sure. I love a long infinity scarf. It can double as a hood in a pinch. But my hair is awful in the winter- static, dry, etc- and hats just make it worse.

3.  What's your favorite holiday movie?
From childhood- Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas. It's the Tale of the Magi, told by Muppet creatures that live in a swamp. It's awesome. I also like Scrooged, Elf, and A Christmas Story.

4.  Favorite winter nail polish?
I don't wear nail polish ever.

5.  Favorite Starbucks holiday drink?
The only thing I ever drink at Starbucks is a Chai Latte.

6. What are your top three winter essentials?  
1. Extra sweatshirts everywhere. I stash some in my car, at work, and all over my house. I'm always cold. 2. Really good face moisturizer. Winter air and heat in buildings is harsh on my face. I like Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. 3. Fleece pants. Love them for weekends. So cozy!

7. Name one item on your wish list this year.
Well, that's tough, because I didn't really want anything. But, I did get a baker's scale that I was quite happy with. 

8.  Favorite holiday song?   
OK, so I'm an atheist, but I love Christmas hymns. In years past, I've been known to go to Catholic mass on Christmas Eve, just for the singing. The act of singing with a group actually makes me think better of human beings in general. 

9.  Are you going Black Friday shopping this year?  

10.  Must have winter lip product:
Carmex, in the little pot. I love that stuff.

11.  Will you be rocking an ugly sweater this year?
I wore a fabulous green vest with all sorts of Christmas appliques, over a red and green plaid jumper, red snowman tights and a green snowflake turtleneck. I was rocking the ensemble. Too bad it was 70 degrees and I was sweating my ass off at the same time. 

12.  Have you ever had a white Christmas where you live?
Childhood, in Massachusetts, for sure. Here in Arizona- never. It just doesn't snow in Phoenix.

13.  Favorite winter candle scent?
I don't do candles. They give me migraines.

14. How will you be celebrating this holiday?   
Secular Christmas at my house. Presents at 7 AM. Skype with my parents on the east coast while opening gifts. Made a turkey and everything else for dinner for 8. It was nice and low key, and back to work the next day.  


  1. I keep going back to the not wearing nail polish ever. It makes me want to paint your nails.