Monday, January 13, 2014

Weight Loss Has Made My Boobs Deflate

So I'm down a few more pounds. Officially, 197.2. Which, I hit on my scale at home on Christmas morning, but Christmas and New Year's indulgences pushed me back up a few pounds. But, the official Weight Watchers scale says 197.2, and I'm keeping it. For reals, I'm down a pants size. I'm in 14's now. Comfortably in 14's. They fit, there's room in the butt, room in the legs. Let's say they aren't sausage casings. It seems however, that the largest part of my weight loss has come off my boobs. This isn't the best. I was a 42D. Now, I'm a 38 B/C. My boobs are seriously deflating. I love my kids, but 18 combined months of breastfeeding has certainly taken it's toll.

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